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I help people who struggle with anxiety to live a normal, happy and healthy life again, free from constant worry.

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Not everyone has the confidence to book straight into my calendar, I appreciate that. But whatever is going on in your world at the moment, if you are stressed or feeling anxious then drop me a message and I'll come back to you.

Life changes very quickly in a very POSITIVE way if you let it...


Emily B

I was so scared before I reached out to Emma. I was nervous to speak with her as I worried what she might think of me and I shouldn't have been. She has done nothing but be gentle and kind and has turned my life around. I now have a new job and a boyfriend. Because of my OCD, none of that was at all possible prior to working with her. She gave me back my life and I'm doing things now that I would never have dreamed of before. She is amazing.

Nicole W

I worked in the public eye for many years before suffering with exhaustion and eventually burnt out. Working with Emma has taken me back from the brink of despair and life has transformed. I understand my anxiety now. Before I thought I was going crazy and life was over in a catastrophic way. I didn't understand what was happening to me or why never mind what to do about it. Now I do and things are looking up again.



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